"Creski kaić"

“Cres Kaic – days of Cres Maritime Heritage and tradition” is a seven-day cultural and sport and entertainment event aimed at preserving and valorising the intangible cultural heritage of the island of Cres related to maritime affairs and fisheries and raising the general awareness of the importance of maritime and fishing heritage in preserving the identity of the island.

With a rich, entertaining and educational program, “Cres Kaic” brings us back to some past times and reminds us that Cres lived by the sea and from the sea in the period before the appearance of plastic boats and motor boats.

A series of exhibitions and workshops organize an educational maritime-historical promenade along the Cres harbor, which shows the former way of building and maintaining the traditional boat of the island of Cres – Cres Kaic.

Cres sailors and shipbuilders have always gathered in their free time, especially on Sundays and holidays, alongside the game and song on taverns and Oscars. Competitions in traditional games are organised as part of the event: boccie, shrimp and cherry, chess, sea canvases and decanting ropes in which residents and visitors of Cres can participate.

In part of the gastronomic programme visitors can enjoy traditional dishes of Cres cuisine. Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, shoulders and plagues are lamb specialties representing the pearl of island gastronomy and rarity in Mediterranean cuisine. The main square in Cres hosts a brudet competition – the most popular way to prepare fish in the island's kitchen. By choosing the best anchor prepared from fish caught in underwater fishing and angling.

In the entertainment part, local musicians, klapas and bands perform on the square every evening.

The main event of the event is the regatta and review of traditional wooden sailing boats. Breeds, geese, gaskets and batanas gather for a regatta in the Cres Bay, and an additional experience is prompted by the night “play of light and sails” during a review of traditional barges held in port.