Culinary Events

One of the highlights of the island is the local cuisine, which is simple but of great quality and taste, and made with local ingredients - primarily lamb and seafood. Cres lamb is the best because sheep and lambs spend their lives freely grazing in the spacious pastures all over the island, feeding on local aromatic herbs. Fish in the local restaurants comes from the surrounding sea. Restaurants are often owned by fishermen, which means the meal comes straight from the sea to the plate.

To promote the island’s cuisine, the Tourist Board and various associations organize culinary events throughout the year in order, and people gladly gather around good food and use the opportunity to have a good time.

Spring is designated for the “Days of Cres Lamb and Olive Oil”, a week-long event focused on Cres lamb and extra-virgin olive oil - another ingredient Cres is famous for. For the duration of the event, numerous restaurants across the island offer lamb meals at promo prices, such as lamb baked under the bell, grilled lamb, lamb ragù, lamb soup, lamb liver alla veneziana, lamb stew with homemade gnocchi, even breaded deep-fried lamb. The festival usually finishes with a culinary competition in Frane Petrić Square: a number of teams prepare lamb specialties and compete for the title.

The “brudetijada”, a culinary competition in preparing brudet (fish stew), usually follows after a spearfishing competition organized by the local fishing association “Parangal”. The most part of the catch is handed over to culinary teams who then proceed to cook their brudetos in the main city square for the next three hours, each team according to their own recipe. The audience finds it interesting even during the preparation of the meals since the teams have a great time cooking, and even more so when the time comes for the tasting. A jury made of experts and connoisseurs decides on the winners, after which the audience is also given the opportunity to choose the best brudet. Most importantly, contestants and visitors all have a great time and enjoy great food.

There have been other events such as the “žvacetijada” (culinary contest in preparing the žvacet, lamb stew) and the “gulašijada” (stew prepared with wild game that lives on the island, such as deer and wild boars). Future culinary events will include other island delicacies such as mussels and spider crabs. When it comes to enjoying good food and drinks - the sky is the limit.