Gastronomy of Cres

Gourmet dishes on the island are unquestionably worth pointing out.
Imagination has always been a must for preparing food: having only a few ingredients, it takes a lot of love and effort to make a tasty dish. Dishes prepared according to the old traditional recipes, seasoned with local aromatic herbs and olive oil are a typical trait of Cres cuisine.
The most admired delicacy of Cres is certainly lamb: its taste is extraordinary thanks to the traditional free sheep grazing – the pasture is rich in both salt and vegetation. Homemade sheep cheese with prosciutto and olives make a delicious starter to any meal.
Seafood lovers can go for fresh fish, shrimps, lobsters and other crabs and clams prepared in many different ways and seasoned with homemade olive oil. One should definitely end the meal with a glass of homemade brandy with aromatic herbs.
In addition to original dishes from the island, many restaurants and trattorias also offer international cuisine.
Visit restaurants on the island of Cres and enjoy local delicacies.

rataurant porta bragadina cres

Porta BragadinaCres

restoran mamalu valun


restoran maslina cres


pizzeria luna rossa cres

Luna RossaCres

buffet regata cres


Nono FraneCres

restoran riva cres


restoran capitano cres


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