Days of Tramuntana

During the winter period of the year, Tramuntana - the north part of Cres island - is inhabited only by about seventy people, who live in Beli, Dragozetići, and Predošćica. In search of a better life, many people emigrated from Tramuntana to Lošinj, Rijeka, Italy, and further. During the summer, however, these people and their descendants come back to their old homes, as well as numerous tourists who choose this area for their summer vacation. In addition to the peace and quiet, Tramuntana also offers lots of natural and cultural points of interests such as the deep woods, the Griffon Vulture, kilometres of hike trails, labyrinths, and various events.

Dani Tramuntane is the oldest local regular event, organized by the Society for research and preservation of historical and cultural heritage “Tramuntana” which has been active for three decades. Events during the Days of Tramuntana range from klapa concerts, photo exhibitions, to operatic and theatrical performances. One of the evenings is designated for the annual assembly of the Society. Music evenings often feature performances in the local dialect, delivered by performers such as Joso Butorac - the doyen of the local dialect scene, Mario Lipovšek-Battifiaca - a star of the Melodies of Istria and Kvarner music festival, Tamara Brusić, Karin Kuljanić, etc. Ivan Nino Načinović, the art director of the festiva, explained the incentive to start organizing such a festival almost a quarter of a century ago: “There have been similar events in Beli in the past, but without comprehensive organization or continuity. We wanted to contribute to the cultural life of this area and the entire island, as well as to get the local people used to various musical and theatrical events.”

The opening evening of the festival takes place in Pricrekva square. This is a rare opportunity to see girls dressed in local folk costumes, as they take part in raising the Croatian flag and the flag of the “Tramuntana” society.