OPG Ernest Lužina

All delicacies, soaps and olive oil produced by the Lužina family are original local products. The family’s main focus is olive oil production, but their hardworking hands also collect island herbs for their immortelle and St. John's wort oily extracts, and lemon-infused olive oil. At our stall you will immediately notice unique brightly coloured souvenirs which combine the most notable island products: felted sheep wool with handmade olive oil and lavender soaps. Our handmade soaps are also sold in white, old-style starched cotton sacks decorated by hand, or in small lace sacks with lavender and immortelle: you can put them under pillows for better dreams, or in wardrobes to keep the moths away. Their scent will remind you of summer throughout the year.
Our main point of pride are our marmalades, spreads and other sweets made by our Grandma Lina, who cherishes the heritage of island women whose secrets of the trade are passed down from one generation to another.
She uses rose hip, strawberries, handpicked figs and olives from Cres to make delicious marmalades which are never forgotten! Our olive oil can also be found in our two shops: “Sretan grad” and “Apsyrtides”. All other products can be ordered directly from Mrs Lina Lužina who will selflessly share her recipes for the best salsa, marmalades and jams, as well as anything else made in her kitchen by her magical hands.

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