OPG Ernest Lužina

Delicacies, soaps and olive oil of the family alkali are original and autochthonous domestic products of the family alkali. Primarily olive oil producers whose valuable hands collect island plants for production and macerate from immortelle and St. John's wort as well as lemon-flavoured olive oil. The combination of domestic filthy sheep wool and hand-made soap made from olive oil and lavender is a product that combines the most important island products that you can find in the soaps of lively colours at our stand. Hand-made soaps can also be found in white old-fashioned and hand-decorated sacks, as well as lace sachets of lavender and immortelle that you can put under a cushion for a better dream or in moth closets, the fragrances of which will remind you of summer and island throughout the year.
What we are most proud of are marmalades, spreads and sweet products of none line, which nourishes only the heritage and heritage of island mothers and none whose secrets are transferred from generation to generation with a few little secrets.
Homemade rods, strawberries, Cres hand-picked figs, Cres olive spread are a delicacy that no palate ever forgets! Our olive oil can be found in two of our stores happy town and Apsyrtides, and you can order all other products with Mrs. Line Alkali who will selfless share her recipes with you the best scarf, marmalade and jam, as well as everything her magic hands produce in the kitchen.

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