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Beach Mali bok Orlec

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Beach Lubenice Lubenice

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Beach Beli Beli

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Beach Kimen Cres

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Bike Trails on Cres Island Cres

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Hiking trails Cres otok Cres

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Rent a bike, boat Cres

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Cres outdoor Beli

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Cres Otok

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Beli Cres

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Valun Cres

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Lubenice Cres

Cres kulturno povijesne građevine

Culture and arts of Cres Cres

Creske kulturne večeri

Cres culture eveningsCres

Kula Cres

The tower of Cres Cres

Muzej palača Arsan Cres

The Arsan palace Cres Cres

Cres gastronomija, gastro Cres

Culinary Events Cres, Valun, Martinščica

Restorani Cres

Restaurants Cres, Beli, Valun

Cres LambCres

Fish RestaurantsOtok Cres, Valun, Beli

A Family Destination

Treat your family to the vacation they deserve. Cres, a peaceful place with beautiful beaches equipped with facilities for kids, will allow your family to have an unforgettable holiday.

cres smještaj za obitelj

A Diverse Offer of Accommodation in Cres

Find Your Preferred Type of Accommodation on Cres.

Cres Bike and Hike Trails

Along with hiking, cycling is also an excellent way to discover the hilly areas of Cres island, enjoy its beautiful panoramas and wooded areas and take a peak into the most secluded towns and hamlets.

Cres Shop

Creska "butega" (the Cres Shop) is an exhibition of autochthonous Cres products and delicacies.
Here you can discover and taste Cres. This event enables small producers, ie family farms to exhibit and present their domestic products made of wool, olive oil, figs, cherries, lemons, wood, etc. It encourages citizens to be more actively involved in preserving the value of their own production, especially traditional souvenirs and handicrafts as well as the preparation of old dishes. It helps promote organic production, rural tourism, traditional crafts and already somewhat forgotten customs. In addition to tasting the products, it is possible to buy the best flavors of the island of Cres and get all the information on how these products were made directly from the manufacturers. It takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays in the main square of Cres.

maslinovo ulje cres, olive oil

Olive oil

maslinovo ulje cres, olive oil

Homemade honey

maslinovo ulje cres, olive oil

Homemade Desserts

maslinovo ulje cres, olive oil

Homemade Marmalades

Events - Cres Island

A rich offer of events arising from natural resources, cuisine, culture and tradition delights a continuously growing number of guests year in year out.
All year round numerous events and festivals are organised mostly during the summer as part of the Cres Cultural Summer, Lubenice Music Evenings, Tramuntana Days and Days of Cres Lamb and Olive Oil.
Visitors can choose among numerous music concerts and theatre plays, folklore and gourmet shows and sports events.

An Active Weekend on Cres

This unique experience kicks off with an adrenaline rush as participants jump off a ferry ramp and then proceed to explore the beautiful sceneries of Cres and Lošinj, never having to do a single portion of the route twice.

Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend

Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend

utrka koncipirana od dvije zasebne etape sa tri težinske kategorije; Challenger, Active i Light.

Rent a Cres

To enjoy exploring Cres island to the full, to go to a secluded beach, or simply savour the lanscape, we recommend our rental services Cres.

cres ciklo rent a bike

Rent a bike

Rent a bike and enjoying the beauties of the nature of Cres.

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cres rent a boat

Rent a boat Cres

Explore beautiful and hidden beaches of the island of Cres.

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cres rent a sup

Rent a Stand Up Paddle Board

Windsurfing will delight anyone who wants to explore the coast and bays of Cres on the calm sea.

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rent a cayak cres

Rent a kayak

Explore the beaches of Cres, just for the two of you.

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