Cres Water Sports

Various activities are available during your vacation on the island of Cres. Everyone can find just the right activity because there is a lot to choose from. Water sports fans are definitely a special group of guests and there are many activities they can choose from. If you are up for a dose of adrenaline high up above the sea, choose parasailing. A speedboat will lift you above the sea surface and you will experience the excitement that you've never felt in your life. In case you want to experience the adrenaline of fast ride, you should try a „banana“ ride. You will surely be thrilled when the speedboat suddenly starts to change courses and swerve while towing the ""banana"" on which you are sitting. Only the most prepared those can „survive“ this ride without ending up in the sea.
If you are a big fan of paddling and you really enjoy that type of recreation, we can't recommend anything else but renting a SUP board or a kayak. Explore the endless possiblities of the open sea, rent a SUP board or a kayak and test your boundaries. It's the best feeling, paddling in the open sea under the sun which inspires you to do your best. Fans of excitement shouldn't skip on the aquapark. We all know that the young ones just love to go down the slide and that they find pools irresistable, so the aquapark is just the right place for unforgettable family moments. We are also sure that parents won't be able to resist to join their children in fun times which will be a perfect addition to your dream vacation.
The island of Cres also has some extra offers when it comes to water sports that haven't been mentioned here so we invite you to experience and find out why is everbody talking about Cres as a perfect destination for an active vacation.
The beauties of the island can be explored also under the sea. Clear water and rich underwater world can be enjoyed with a simple mask and a pair of fins. For more demanding divers there are organized dives to shipwrecks, a real treat for lovers of the underwater world.
The winds around the island are a challenge for sailing yachtsmen who can develop their sailing skills to perfection.

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Aqua park Cres


Water sport

Fun for the whole family. Aqua Ppark consists of a series of elements (trampoline, climbers, slide, swing, etc.) that guarantee great fun for children. The pri...

min/price10 EurDetails

Bump a ride Cres


Water sport

Bump a ride is adrenaline fun for the whole crew. One person can fit in the tube and the speedboat can pull 3 to 6 tubes at a time. The ride lasts 10 minutes. ...

min/price12 EurDetails

Crazy UFO ride Cres


Water sport

Crazy UFO is adrenaline fun for the whole crew. Crazy UFO is like a couch where you sit while the speedboat pulls you. From 3 to 6 persons can ride on crazy UFO...

min/price12 EurDetails

Banana ride Cres


Water sport

Banana ride is adrenaline fun for the whole family. It is suitable for both children and adults. From 4 to 8 people can ride on banana. The ride lasts 10 minute...

min/price12 EurDetails

Pedal boat Cres


Water sport

We offer 5 pedal boats. Price list: 1.5h / 120kn 1h / 80kn 30min / 50kn

min/price12 EurDetails

Parasailing Cres


Water sport

Parasailing is a unique experience. You can enjoy the view of Cres Bay from a bird's eye view. 1, 2, 3 or 4 people can fly at once depending on the weight of th...

min/price65 EurDetails

Twister ride Cres


Water sport

Twister ride is an adrenaline fun for the whole crew. The Twister rotates while being pulled by the speedboat. From 3 to 6 people can ride on twister. Fun guar...

min/price13 EurDetails

Kayak Cres


Rent a kayak

We offer 5 kayaks. Price list: 5h / 150kn 1h / 50kn 30min / 30kn 09-19h / 250kn

min/price8 EurDetails

Stand up board Cres


Rent a stand up board

We offer 5 stand up boards. Price list: 1h / 50kn 30min / 30kn

min/price8 EurDetails