Accommodation on Cres Cres

There are two hotels on Cres island: Zlatni lav in Martinšćica and Kimen in Cres. It is also necessary to point out that there is also a wide choice of boarding houses and private accommodation in tourist apartments, rooms and bungalows. It is possible to book accommodation in the old town centres of the island's smaller cities, but also in remote small places near the island's coast. Landscaped yards and gardens and a homey atmosphere will surely make guests feel at home. Rooms and tourist apartments are modern and can accomodate 2 to 6 people. Apartments usually consist of a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, one or more bedrooms and are aquipped with the necessary household appliances. The wide choice of accomodation will live up to high standards of anone's specific needs is complemented with diverse tourist offers and attractions. Places that are known as tourist centres, besides the town of Cres, are Beli, Lubenice, Martinšćica and Valun.
The Mediterranean climate and numeorus hidden coves and beaches can easily inspire guests to go for a one-day excursion. Natural sights that everyone must visit are Lake Vrana and Tramuntana forest. A visit to the highest peaks of the island of Cres (Orline-Gorice-Sis) will give a new perspective about Cres to anyone who will enjoy the beautiful view. Cres is also the home of the griffon vulture, a bird species protected by law, which can be seen in two ornithological reserves. Visits to the nearby Kvarner islands of Krk, Lošinj, Pag and Rab can also be interesting excursions. Cres beaches are well known for their preserved environment and unbelievably clean sea, which is always first thing that our tourists notice. Beaches are located in the city of Cres, in one part of Kovačine campsite, and in many other parts of Cres island. Beaches that are especially known for their beauty and purity of the sea are Mali Bok in Orlec, the beaches in the village of Valun and Sveti Ivan in Lubenice, which was ranked 15th by the German magazine Bild on the list of top 40 most beautiful beaches in the world.
The campsites on the island of Cres are Zdovice, Slatina, Kovačine. There are two beautiful marinas are the ACI marina Cres and Brodogradilište Cres Marina. The island of Cres can be an ideal place for everyone who would like to spend their vacation in a quiet and pleasant family atmosphere as well as for those who want to be active on their vacation and have some recreation while enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

Apartments Cres Cres, Valun, Beli ...

Cres offers a vast choice of beautiful apartments for rent. Choose a Cres apartment with sea view, in pristine nature, or in the historical centre.

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Rooms Cres Cres, Valun, Beli ...

Cres offers a large number of beautiful rooms. Find a room on Cres with sea view, in pristine nature, or in the old town.

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Bungalows Cres Cres

Cres offers a large variety of beautiful bungalows. Find your bungalow with sea view near the town of Cres.

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Hotel Kimen Cres Cres

Hotel Kimen is located in a unique natural park of Mediterranean vegetation, with a beautiful beach in front. We welcome our dear guests who wish to have a true vacation in tranquility and enjoy the scents of the island of Cres.

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Camp Kovačine Cres Cres

We wellcome all lovers of nature who enjoy the freedom of camping and we wish them a pleasant holiday in the beautiful natural environment with clear sea, under the canopy of pine and olive trees, in a beautifully landscaped and maintained area, rich in various facilities.

At night22 Eur Details

Camp Slatina Martinšćica

Looking at Martinščica on the island of Cres and the surrounding area where Campsite Slatina is located, it seems that all of the beautiful sights of the island are concentrated in this green area – a Mediterranean forest, two bays and one of the most beautiful beaches on Cres island.

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Camp Zdovica Valun

Between nature and crystal clear sea we wish to all lovers of unspoiled nature and freedom a warm welcome and a pleasant stay at our campsite in the picturesque bay of Valun on the island of Cres.

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