Restaurant and Grill House Porta Bragadina Cres

From the offer of “Porta Bragadina” Restaurant & Grill House: cold appetizers, prosciutto, Pag cheese, the “Porta Bragadina” cold platter for two people (prosciutto, cheese, cheese with truffles, bacon, Dalmatian šokol, sausage with truffles), octopus salad, salted and marinated anchovies. Pasta dishes include homemade fuži with beef stew or octopus stew, and fuži with truffles.
Fish dishes include fried squid and grilled squid, tuna steak and swordfish steak on grill. We prepare meat dishes on Lava Grill (volcanic stone grill). The specialty of the house is aged beef (beefsteak, rump steak, T-Bone steak, Fiorentina steak, Tomahawk steak) with green pepper or truffle sauce. We also have ćevapćići in flatbread, burgers, cheese-stuffed burgers, and chicken breast and chicken skewers in mushroom sauce. Our menu also contains various salads and desserts, such as panna cotta and pancakes with Nutella, homemade jam, or with ice cream.

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