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Beauties of the island of Cres can't be discovered without exploring the sea and the unique coastal area. Sometimes we all just wish that we can hop on a boat and set sail to enjoy stillness and solitude. Rent a boat services can give you such unique experience. Rent our boats or speedboats for 2 to 4 persons and head off to the unknown sea landscapes of the island of Cres. Discover hidden coves, visit the most beautiful beaches, enjoy sunsets and have your special moments. Enjoy the beautiful sea and nature of the island of Cres which you won't find anywhere else. Our staff will kindly provide you with all the necessary information and directions so you can easily explore the coastal area of the island of Cres and all its secrets.
Rent a boat service offers a totally different experience of the island of Cres. It can be a once in a lifetime experience because you surely know what you want to see and you can individually make unforgettable moments that will be a part of your memories forever.

24 services found

Marlin 22 Cres


Rent a boat

Boat model: Marlin boat 22 Boat length: 7,5 m Engine power: 220 hp Number of persons: 10

min/price260 EurDetails

Saver MG 710 Cres


Rent a boat

An inflatable boat with sinuous lines, designed to spend many hours at sea and ensure a comfortable navigation. The MG710 is inflatable boat that has two sunbat...

min/price240 EurDetails



Rent a boat

Big, powerful and very comfortable, our Marlin 790 offers a whole new level of RIB, providing one of the the best rides in the 8 meters range. Cruise, excellent...

min/price350 EurDetails



Rent a boat

his attractive inflatable boat Marlin 630 - Dynamic has a Honda 150 PS motor, The capacity of the boat is 10 persons. This boat has high maneuverability compt...

min/price220 EurDetails

Beneteau Flyer 550 - Yamaha 150 Cres


Rent a boat

Beneteau Flyer 550 - Yamaha 150

min/price180 EurDetails

SAVER 22 OPEN 150 PS Cres


Rent a boat

Speedboat Saver 22 Open is quality, italian open fisherman with t provides security due to the high sides of boat. Yamaha F 150 is anew engine from 2022. Conso...

min/price190 EurDetails

Ranieri 51557 Valun


Rent a boat

Ranieri - 5,5 m boat - 6 person

min/price120 EurDetails

Solemar 25 offshore Cres


Rent a boat

Boat model: Solemar 25 offshore Lenght: 7,62 m Engine: 225 hp Passengers: 12 Outdoor equipment: bimini, deck shower, cockpit table, bow sundeck, bathing lad...

min/price300 EurDetails

Reful 4 wind Cres


Rent a boat

Boat model: Reful 4 wind Boat length: 4,5 m Engine power: 5 hp Number of persons: 4 The boat can be rented for half a day or for the whole day. 9,00 h. - 1...

min/price70 EurDetails

Marlin 18 Cres


Rent a boat

Boat model: Marlin boat 18 Boat length: 6 m Engine power: 90 hp Number of persons: 7

min/price150 EurDetails

Joker boat Coaster 470 Cres


Rent a boat

Joker boat Coaster 470

min/price100 EurDetails

Boat Cres


Rent a boat

We offer 1 boat. The boat is 4.5m long and has a capacity of 5 people. Price list: 9-14h / 350kn 14-19h / 350kn

min/price50 EurDetails

Roto 450 - Yamaha 5 Cres


Rent a boat

Roto 450 - Yamaha 5

min/price80 EurDetails

Ranieri Stargate - Suzuki 200 Cres


Rent a boat

Ranieri Stargate - Suzuki 200

min/price200 EurDetails

Charter a Rigid inflatable boat 51557 Valun


Rent a boat

Charter a Rigid inflatable boat - 7m boat - 12 person - skipper option

min/price250 EurDetails

Marlin 790 Dynamic red , 250 PS Cres


Rent a boat

New in 2023 The inflatable boat Marlin 790 -Dynamic -red has a Honda 250 PS engine. The capacity of the speedboat is 12 people. This vessel with high maneuve...

min/price350 EurDetails

Nuova Jolly King 490 - Yamaha 100 Cres


Rent a boat

Nuova Jolly King 490 - Yamaha 100

min/price140 EurDetails

Aquamar 51557 Valun


Rent a boat

Aquamar - 5,5 m boat - 7 person

min/price120 EurDetails

SYROS 190, YAMAHA F115 Cres


Rent a boat

Beautiful open console boat - Italian design. High sidewalls and hull guarantee maximum safety when driving. Large sun lounger in the bow with a closed interior...

min/price170 EurDetails

Quicksilver Activ 555 - Mercury 100 Cres


Rent a boat

Quicksilver Activ 555 - Mercury 100

min/price160 EurDetails

Ranieri Pathfinder 19 - Yamaha 115 Cres


Rent a boat

Ranieri Pathfinder 19 - Yamaha 115

min/price150 EurDetails

Fly Mar 51557 Valun


Rent a boat

Fly Mar - 5 m boat - 6 osoba

min/price80 EurDetails

Marvel 19 - Suzuki 100 Cres


Rent a boat

Marvel 19 - Suzuki 100

min/price150 EurDetails

Saver 19 Open - Yamaha 115 Cres


Rent a boat

Saver 19 Open - Yamaha 115

min/price150 EurDetails
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