Rent a bike Cres

You have probably heard that the island of Cres is one of the best destinations for cyclists. Why is that so?
There are numerous bike trails in the middle of nature on Cres island. Not often can you experience riding a bicycle in the beautiful Mediterranean air and landscapes with the sea at your fingertips. Bike trails on the island of Cres are suitable for everyone: from the more challenging bike trails for active athletes, to easier ones suited for those who just want to enjoy a pleasant bicycle ride in the beautiful scenery Cres.
Rent a bike Cres service enables you to take any bicycle, pick one of the long-distance bike trails and discover the beautiful Cres landscapes. Active vacation in Cres is very popular today because we can enjoy the island's charms while taking care of our body and health. This is the reason why cycling is an ideal form of recreation and basically everyone can take a ride. Contact the rent a bike Cres service, choose the right bicycle for you and explore the routes that will best present the beauty of the island's Mediterranean nature and reveal its hidden places. Explore our island with rent a bike Cres service!

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