Beach Raca - Valun - Cres

Valun is a small coastal village with two beautiful shingle beaches. The beach in Racije cove is characterized by a thick pine forest that surrounds it, a lovely beach, and clear crystalline sea. In the village you can find everything you may need for a comfortable whole-day stay at the beach: a shop, restaurants, and bars. If you’d like to play some sports make sure to bring the necessary equipment, or take a kayak and explore the nearby secluded coves. Valun beach is great for young couples looking for romantic spots.

Pebble beach
Suitable for everyone
Dog frendly
17 km
How to get to the beach

How to get to the beach

The beach can be reached by car from Cres or by a rented boat or taxi-boat. There’s a parking lot above Valun where you can park your car and head off to the beach on foot, which will take about 5 minutes downhill. If you rent a speedboat or a taxi-boat, the ride takes about 15-20 minutes and you can enjoy the beautiful ride across the sea to Valun.

Where is the beach Valun

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Rent a Cres

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Rent a boat Cres

Explore the beautiful beaches of the island of Cres, find a hidden cove just for the two of you, rent a boat for a complete experience of the island of Cres.

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Rent a bike Cres

Rent a bike, breathe in the nature of Cres. Bicycle is the best means of transport for fully enjoying the beauties of the nature on Cres.


Let's Protect the Environment

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Humans fill their own living space and the space of the next generations with waste that comes from production and consumption. This waste pollutes the living elements (water, air and soil) on which life on Earth depends. More than 60% of people on Earth live by the sea or at sea and therefore protecting our seas is extremenly important.