Beach Pragajena Cres

Beach Pragajena is situated on the northern part of the coast of the island of Cres. It is located outside the settlement in a natural environment with a rocky landscape surrounding it. The beach can be reached by land and sea. The local road that will lead you to the beach goes from Dragozetic, but we recommend rent a boat or taxi boat. The beach is special for its rocks and its view on Istria. It is excellent for nature lovers and people who love peace and quiet in general. It's popular, but it's not full of visitors like other beaches. If you like karst, rocky coastline and crystal sea colours, come to Pragadena beach. There is no shade here, because low vegetation grows along the beach, especially for this part of the coast on the island. The main part of the beach, for sunbathing and swimming, is made of medium sized pebbles. She walks easily and reaches the sea. It is suitable for all persons and growers. It is ideal for a day-long trip to nature, by the sea and in the sun. It's up to you to get well equipped and come enjoy yourself.

Pebble beach
Suitable for everyone
Dog frendly
Pragajena Cres
15 km
How to get to the beach

How to get to the beach

Beach Pragajena on the island of Cres can be reached by sea, we recommend you rent a boat or taxi boat. The beach can also be reached on foot from Dragozetići.

Where is the beach Pragajena Cres

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Rent a boat Cres

Explore the beautiful beaches of the island of Cres, find a hidden cove just for the two of you, rent a boat for a complete experience of the island of Cres.

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Rent a bike Cres

Rent a bike, breathe in the nature of Cres. Bicycle is the best means of transport for fully enjoying the beauties of the nature on Cres.


Let's Protect the Environment

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Humans fill their own living space and the space of the next generations with waste that comes from production and consumption. This waste pollutes the living elements (water, air and soil) on which life on Earth depends. More than 60% of people on Earth live by the sea or at sea and therefore protecting our seas is extremenly important.