Towns and Villages on Cres

On the island of Cres apart from the city of Cres there are many other villages some of which are located at the very coastline while the other are situated in the higher parts of the inland. Coastal villages swarm with charming little bays, secluded beaches and the clean sea. A huge number of walking tracks, footpaths and hiking trails leading up to the out-of-the-way bays surround small villages located at the very coastline.

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Island Cres

Every island is a universe in itself, special and unique, with its own pleasures and delights. When we think of islands, the first images that come to mind are images of beauty and peacefulness: the beautiful sea that surrounds them, pine trees and bare rocks living side by side.

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The Town of Cres

The city of Cres is the biggest town on the island and its administrative centre. It is located in the north-eastern part of a wide snug bay which from ancient times served as a good shelter from storms. Thanks to its good position a modern marina with numerous berths was built to the south of the town.

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The Roman settlement of Caput Insulae, located in the place of the present-day Beli, was founded at the site of a pre-historic hillfort which had a significant role in controlling the sea territory between the islands of Cres and Krk.

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The little fishing village of Valun lies at the south coast of the Valun Bay. The houses are arranged in terraced rows rising from the coast and up the nearby hill.

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Once upon a time, in the place of the present-day village of Lubenice stood a Roman settlement called Hibernicia. Its name probably derived from the Latin adjective hibernum, meaning wintry, which could be associated with its position on top of a 378-metre cliff above the sea, exposed to strong winds in the winter.

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Martinšćica is the second biggest town on Cres island. The place owes its name to Saint Martin's church, located just above a small beach. Martinšćica is a relatively new place which evolved only after the people living at Saint Cristopher's hill relocated to the coast.