Creski kaić - Days of Maritime Heritage and Tradition

With a rich entertainment and educational program, the “Creski kaić” event will remind us how people lived by the sea and from the sea in Cres in the period before the appearance of plastic boats and motor boats.

The central event of the event is a regatta and a review of traditional wooden sailing boats. Pasare, guci, gajete and batana will gather for a regatta in the Cres Bay, and an additional experience will be created by the night “game of light and sails” during the review of traditional boats that will take place in the port.

A series of exhibitions and workshops will include an educational maritime-historical promenade along the port of Cres, which will show the former way of building and maintaining the traditional boat of the island of Cres – the Cres kayak.

Cres sailors and shipbuilders have always gathered in their free time, especially on Sundays and holidays, to gather and play in taverns and taverns. As part of the event, competitions in traditional games will be organized in which residents and visitors of Cres can participate.

In the gastronomic program, visitors will be able to enjoy traditional dishes of Cres cuisine. Krijica, mozjini and gista are lamb specialties that are the pearl of island gastronomy and a rarity in Mediterranean cuisine. The very name of these dishes is unlikely to attract a wide audience, but gourmets with a curious palate will certainly not miss the opportunity to taste and for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

On the central square of Cres, there will be a competition in making broth – the most common way of preparing fish in the island’s cuisine. With the selection of the best broth prepared from fish caught in spearfishing and angling, with a rich music program, the Creski kaić event will close.

Chess tournament "Creski kaić" will be held on August 27th at 7 PM in front of Cres Museum.