Cultural and Artistic Events Cres

The diversity and large offer of events on the island of Cres, created on the basis of natural resources, gastronomy, culture and tradition, attracts and delights an increasing number of guests every year.
Throughout the year, many events and festivals are held on the island of Cres such as Cres Fair (Semenj), Creski Kaić, Lubenice musical evenings, Creska butega (local products fair), klapa evenings of the island of Cres, Summer Carnival, Cres Lošinj Trail, Advent in Cres and many more.
Visit the island of Cres and have fun with us!


Lubenice music eveningsLubenice

"Creski kaić"Cres

Culinary EventsCres

Summer carnivalCres

Days of TramuntanaCres

Days of Frane PetrićCres