City gate Cres

Cres used to be enclosed by a fortification system comprising defensive walls and five towers. Most of the system was deconstructed in the late 19th century, and the rest after World War Two. What remains of the fortification system are a round tower on top of the hill next to the historical centre, a few fragments of the city walls, and three city gates: two in the promenade and one under the clock tower. The two city gates in the promenade – the Porta Bragadina (1581) and the Porta Marcella (1588) bear the names of the count-captains (It. conte e capitano) during whose rule their respective construction took place. The third remaining city gate, which looks like a passage through the clock tower, is the port city gate which lead from the port through the clock tower into the city centre.

crkva sevete marije cres

The church od saint Mary the great

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lazaret gradska knjižnica

Lazaretto - public library of Cres

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