The church of saint Izidor Cres

The oldest fully functional church in Cres, built in the 13th century and dedicated to Saint Isidore, patron saint of Cres, whose day is celebrated on 2 January. In Cres, Saint Isidore is referred to as Saint “Sidar”, a Greek form of the name, which testifies to a colourful mix of cultural influences in coastal cities. The church is home to a large 15th-century wooden sculpture of Saint Isidore carved out of laurel wood, whose height is no less than 220 cm. The relief in the lunette depicts (left to right) the port city gate of Cres, Saint Isidore, and the coat of arms of Cres. Above the portal stands a bell-gable with a 14th-century bell. Unfortunately, the bell has no clapper anymore, so its voice can no longer be heard.
This was once the main church and it stood in a spacious square at the very centre of the city. With the transfer of the local government seat from Osor to Cres in the 15th century, Saint Isidore’s became too small for the needs of the growing city, and the construction of a new, more spacious main church (see the church of Saint Mary the Great) became imperative. Subsequently the square in which it stood lost its significance too, gradually disappearing as new houses were built in its former area. The church opens its portal a few times a year: on Saint Isidore’s Day and on certain holy days.

crkva sevete marije cres

The church od saint Mary the great

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lazaret gradska knjižnica

Lazaretto - public library of Cres

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