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Wanda LaVanda - anti-stress collection is a brand behind which stands a creative duo: Danijela Nurkić and Jelena Tondini who design and produce a number of items gathered under this unique name. The brand was created in response to uncreative solutions for lavender bags, and soon developed from a bag into a series of products with a vision of an eco-friendly product behind them. Encouraged by the fact that stress is one of the most common causes of health problems today, Wanda LaVanda products contribute to solving this problem by offering not only good design but also natural stress prevention. Thus, all productss are a unique blend of aesthetics and multi-purpose use. Our motto is ""Don't Stress... Have Some Lavender"".
Wanda LaVanda anti-stress collection are handmade products that combine urban design and tradition. Felt and lavender. These are therefore the only anti-stress accessoires on the market. Colorful and minimalist-designed figures in the shape of sheep (sheepster), goat (goatier) and fish (feltfish) are available as magnets, key chains and brooches, and the sheep has found its application in the form of a sleeping mask, pillow, earrings, string, case, bookmarker , hair hoops, pens, notebooks, rings and rattles for the little ones.
The products are intended for everyone who likes to combine the comfortable with the useful, who love jewelry and nature. Just squeeze and smell any of our products to feel a breath of nature and quickly relax with the beneficial scent of lavender from the island of Cres - No Stress on Cres. Lavender has a calming effect, and its use has no negative effects, so our products are also suitable for children. The products are available in combinations of 11 colors: light blue, dark blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, fuchsia (cyclamen), purple, red, black and white. Cres sheep Wanda is also the heroine of a children's picture book of the same name and the heroine of two theater plays at the City Puppet Theater in Rijeka. As customer satisfaction comes first, we take orders and fulfill wishes. Therefore, it is possible to order personalized products (other characters in the desired color combinations) from us.

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