Slastice Margareta

In August 1996, a family business, the Debelić Family, opened in Cres. With cookies prepared according to old Cres recipes, we were the first to dare to publicly produce and offer home-made products to Cres and the general public. With the combination of profession and the desire to stay on the island, we set out with love to realize our long-term dream. In honor of the taste of the island's grandmothers, the goal was and remains to forget the old indigenous recipes for desserts with which we reminded the locals of their childhood, and introduced tourists to the traditions of our region. All products are made by hand and without preservatives, original and traditional. We are promoters of island values, participants in various fairs on the island and throughout Croatia, winners of many awards. We have confirmed our originality and quality with the label "CROATIAN ISLAND PRODUCT", which is awarded by the Ministry of the Republic of Croatia. Buculini, cacotini, rosettes, fig gingerbread, salvia buculin, čifleti, brustulane almonds for years rich tables of various ceremonies and have become recognizable around the world. Škanjata, pugaca oliveta, buculin oliva, šulčić and as the crown of the 15th anniversary of the CAKE OF OUR CAPTAINS a more lasting original original souvenir. The nobility of our business is beautiful because we delight our customers with cakes and pastries for various occasions, and especially children with cakes of our favorite cartoon characters. Persistence, faith in the idea and great work commitment have enabled the craft to survive and continue working through two generations. We enrich the tradition of the City of Cres with a year-round offer.
The sweeties “Margareta” are produced traditionally by the family owned pastry in Cres, specialised in the domestic confectionery production. The handicraft enterprise was established in 1996, with a view to reviving the traditional cake handicraft production based on old local recipes from the Island of Cres. All ingredients used in the production are natural, and the products include no preservatives. They are made of honey, particularly sage honey, walnuts, almonds, figs, lemons, oranges… In addition to the traditional pastries (buculini, rozete, kacotini, čifleti, bruštulane mendule, fritule, kroštule, sweet bread pogača, škanjata), our pastry shop offers cakes in different shapes, of various dimensions and tastes, a number of cream-based cakes, different types of strudel, biscuits and salty rolls… “Slastice Margareta” is a proud owner of several prizes; since 2010, their traditional cookies have been recognised as a CROATIAN ISLAND PRODUCT by the Ministry of the Republic Croatia for Sea, Traffic and Infrastructure. “Slastice Margareta” are located at the beginning of Cres, on the Promenade, in the direction towards the elementary school and kindergarten. We are expecting you and we wish you a sweet stay in Cres.

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