Cres Shop

Creska "butega" (the Cres Shop) is an exhibition of autochthonous Cres products and delicacies.
Here you can discover and taste Cres. This event enables small producers, ie family farms to exhibit and present their domestic products made of wool, olive oil, figs, cherries, lemons, wood, etc. It encourages citizens to be more actively involved in preserving the value of their own production, especially traditional souvenirs and handicrafts as well as the preparation of old dishes. It helps promote organic production, rural tourism, traditional crafts and already somewhat forgotten customs. In addition to tasting the products, it is possible to buy the best flavors of the island of Cres and get all the information on how these products were made directly from the manufacturers. It takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays in the main square of Cres.

creska butega, wanda lavanda

Wanda Lavanda Cres

creska butega,  lavanda

OPG Loredana Velčić Cres

creska butega, luzina

OPG Ernest Lužina Cres

creska butega, wanda lavanda

Slastice Margareta Cres

creska butega, wanda lavanda

Roby Leroj Cres

creska butega, opg bravdica, domaće marmelade

OPG Bravdica Cres

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